From spring 2018, the education is again conducted as a private school. The training for Equitherapist comprises a total of 5 semesters. The first three semesters take place as full-time studies at the school's facility.

During that period theoretical subjects are subjected to practical subjects. At the end of semester 3, students take a practical and theoretical test.

In order to be able to work fully with all therapies during the academic year, a minimum of approval is required for this exam. The last 2 semesters work as an Equatorial Candidate with a stay for further education at the Department on 5 occasions.


To qualify for the training of Equitherapists, you need a long and solid horseracy as a student, a minimum of three years full-time or equivalent.

To assess your application, it must contain the following:

Copies of your school education

Your prerequisites in horse handling must be documented and certified with copies and references.

We attach great importance to personal suitability for the profession. We have a big search pressure for our education. We will bugger among the applications according to your qualifications, in addition, the student will be given a final decision on the intake to be called an admission interview.

During intake interviews, the student will meet with Principal Helmut Tscharnke, as well as representatives of the teachers.

The Board of Appeal's decision cannot be appealed.